Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 ~ Its a NEW year! Meeting - Program - Workshop

The next meeting of the VCH&S Guild will be held at our new meeting location in Camarillo. Look to the right of this message for the address and directions. Its at the NEW SCIART Gallery across from the Camarillo Farmers Market.

January 23rd is the date of our next meeting. Coffee at 9am with the General meeting to follow at 9:30.

There will be a Program at the conclusion of the meeting. We are welcoming Susan Conn Italo a local fiber artist. Susan is an award winning pattern designer, wearable artist and fiber artist. 2009 introduced her to spinning in a major way. She recently attended a Jacey Boggs art yarn workshop, so look for many wonderful things to come from that adventure.

We will be treated to a fashion show of her wearable art, and Susan's presentation of her trapped fibers, her technique of weaving on your sewing machine, and many other uses of fabric, fiber and threads.

You can visit Susan's website by clicking on this link:

We will also be having a Workshop in the afternoon.

We're calling it the Wild Spinning Exploration Workshop. Let color and texture fly into your yarns. We will explore new spinning techniques - Corespinning (as featured in Winter 2009 SpinOff), coils, bumps and halos. Check out inspiration and ideas. The Guilds drumcarder will be there so you can learn to make your own art batts. Susie Meach will demonstrate and escort you into spinning neverland. Workshop fee: $20

Please contact Ginny Deppe at to have your name added to the participants list. We want to make sure that we being enough fiber for everyone.

Ability level: Confident beginner. You should be able to spin a soft single and are familiar with plying.

Bring: Spinning wheel, bobbins, lazy kate, spindles, niddy noddy, ball winder etc.....all of your spinning tools.

Materials: Soft wool top in colors of your choice, stash fibers to add to corespinning. Plying threads - make sure your kate can handle small spools (bamboo skewers or knitting needles work) or a container to corral the spools.

For core spinning: lace weight textured yarn - wool or a blend -cotton works but is more slippery. Have your core yarns wound into a ball or on a cone. Note: to get a jump on corespinning practice, come with a bobbin full of bulky softly spun singles.

Materials fee: $15 for wools, art batts, mohair, angora, glitz, silks,alpaca, locks for tailspun, plying threads, funky yarns for plying, more....................... (No materials fee if you use your own fibers)

We are also working on having a few fiber vendors there - dyed batts and top and also alpaca.

Come spin and have a wild day!

Any questions contact Ginny Deppe @ furbunny at earthlink dot net