Saturday, August 26, 2006

August Program & Fair Update

Our August program was a giant "Show and Tell", with members showing items entered in this year's Ventura County Fair. We had a fair-ly good time. (sorry!)
The Guild's booth took first place, thanks to the year-long efforts of Nona and her team. The judges loved the blooming cotton plants and the use of natural fibers - woven cotton panels - for the booth walls. Good job, Nona!Guild members volunteered to demonstrate various fiber arts in the booth each afternoon during the Fair's run. Our 'student weaver' - Sharon R. - was a definite crowd pleaser.

Awards (This is a partial list. Did we miss your ribbons? Send your info, along with a picture if you have one, to Elisa - epscrapsAThotmailDOTcom).

Karen won several ribbons in both Home Arts and Gem & Mineral, including one skein of spun fiber which was nominated for Best In Show. Her beaded jewelry was absolutely incredible. Congratulations, Karen!

Cheryl M. took home several ribbons including one for a purse she made from her own original design. Although she's been spinning for less than a year - and this was only her third skein of spun fiber - Cheryl won an Honorable Mention in spinning. Good job!

Sharon was presented with seven first place ribbons, including one for this cute baby hat, two seconds and several honorable mentions for her fiber arts and scrapbook pages. Well done, Sharon!

Elisa won ribbons for spinning, weaving, crochet and scrapbooking, including a blue ribbon for this crocheted baby sweater.

Monica and daughter, Susie, took home a variety of Fair ribbons. Susie did slightly better than her mom, with at least 4 first place and one second place ribbons. Congratulations to both!

And congratulations to everyone who participated in this year's Fair. See you next year!

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