Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 28th, 2009

Ventura Adult Education 5200 Valentine Road, Ventura, CA 93003

The February meeting will be held at Ventura Adult Education Building for Guild members to view a proposed site for the guild’s new home. Teresa Johnson, Principal of VACE will be present to answer questions and show the membership the site. Members present will vote on whether or not the Guild should move to this site and hold our regular meetings there. Please plan to attend and help us make this very important decision.

The day will be a bit of improvisation. Ms. Johnson’s information will be most important as will our vote. Program if we have time will be focused on the Guild Challenge for 2009. The challenge for 2009 will be to recycle.

Bring your own ideas to share of things you may already be recycling so that we can share the inspiration. The challenge will be to recycle something or somehow in a way you have not done in the past. The completion of the projects will be a highlight of our Open House in October.

Eileen Hallman will also be teaching Charka 101 at Nona Hummel’s that same weekend. Please check with Nona at or 805-527-4211 as to whether or not she has any openings for the class. Eileen used to be a member of the Ventura Guild, and now lives and works in North Carolina. She is the owner of New World Textiles and visits from her are always enjoyed. Check out her website.

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