Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July Program and Workshop

July Program

Janie Taylor will be our program presenter. Jannie comes to us from Central Coast Handweavers. She is a member of Complex Handweavers, and teaches for AVL. She has taught workshops for our Guild in the past, including one on Shadow Weave. This time she will be our program presenter for Saturday program, and will teach us how to make Camel Necklaces on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

Designing can be astonishingly fast and easy with the help of any of the powerful programs available today. Learn how to take your weaving to the next level with on screen demonstrations of some of the many time saving and helpful features available to all weavers. Leave the graph paper and pencils behind and you might find that you actually ENJOY creating and weaving your own drafts.

July Workshop
Camel Necklace Workshop. Camel harnesses, saddles, and bridles are decorated with handwoven straps and tassels. Jannie has converted the concept of those harnesses into a necklace made of your own bits or thread, buttons, beads, etc. Attached is a picture for you to view the concept. Saturday afternoon right after the meeting, we will make tassels to begin the necklace. On Sunday, the workshop will continue at 4243 Telegraph Rd., Ventura where we will put the final product together.
Signups will only be guaranteed with receipt of your check for $35.

The Camel Necklace ~ A delightful necklace of tassels, buttons and beads; a miniature version of the adornment worn by the sultan's favorite camel.

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